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Today’s inspiration: @NeelieKroesEU I heard a 10yearold said a typewriter was an amazing invention, it prints at the same time you type! …?

I have just finished an article about Internet and genealogy (which I hope will be published soon by Slovenian Genealogy Society) and during this activity I faced with several questions, I haven’t thought before.  As a user I am connected to the environment of the Internet during working hours and in my free time, browsing for technical, genealogical and historical data. I collect information, digest it, prepare summaries and use them in different outputs. Many of them are also posted on the Internet, freely available to everybody. I have never thought about intellectual property rights or disclaimer. When I prepared an article for research or other technical paper, I had given all rights to the publisher: as long they deal with my complete article and my name on it, I am fine.

But publishing on the Internet is something different. When I had read an advice about a need to disclaim use of the site and many things in advance, plus state the exclusive jurisdiction of my country courts in order to prevent being sued in a foreign court – I am hesitating to establish my own website. I might stay in the environment of WordPress. I hope their site has everything it is needed and they have taken appropriate steps to make this website ‘safe’ and ‘appropriate’. I am going to care only about my topics…

I follow some topics on trends in the use of search engines and browsers in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency and the possibility of their use in genealogical or other research. I have encountered observations and current debates (2012) on free use of Internet, data protection and copyrights, as well as the public Internet image of an individual, organization or a project. There are so many new situations. Can really everybody establishes his website and transfer activities or business there? Who can do all these tasks in one person or in small team? One would need beside content knowledge also a bit of computing, PR, design, advocacy, managing, etc. skills.

I think that Internet has already created many new job profiles. But its fast development does not allow adaptation of public sector, which is known to be never fast enough. I mean here not only administration, but also schools, universities of all profiles, etc.). The government is thinking about digital agenda: to make every European digital until 2020. But, are we really prepared to go online? It is not enough, that somebody’s grandpa buys an I-pad since typewriter lint wasn’t available anymore at shops, and he gets online (@awawonof ). He must learn about new environment, new rules, new everything.

I am on my way of “learning by doing” how to survive on the Internet. I am pleased to share one of simplest and the best lessons about Linked Open Data: what it is and why it is a good thing, both for users and for data providers.

Linked Open Data by Europeana.

Disclaimer 🙂

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