Woman’s Glory, Slovenian Kitchen

For those with Slovenian ancestry, the Slovenian Union of America website does have a page of genealogy links. The downside to this cookbook is that not all recipes are attributed. However, there are plenty of names in this book…

Woman’s Glory – The Kitchen by the Slovenian Women’s Union of America is 275 pages of everything from introductions, recipes, and kitchen tips to photos, some street addresses and information about the Slovenian Women’s Union. This cookbook published in 1953 is in honor of the organization’s silver anniversary. From the Preface by the cookbook’s editor Albina Novak, the reader learns that she had wanted to compile a cookbook that “would serve as an instructor to the Slovenian women of today who wish to include in their homemaking dishes for which their mothers have always been famous.” Four pages in the beginning of the book provide information and names about members of the Slovenian Women’s Union

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