Giant potica cake for Easter

Association of rural women from Prebold (Slovenia) has recently organised the 10th Festival of potica cakes, which took place on 22 and 23 March 2013 in Prebold, where the giant cake baked in the form of Easter potica cake was launched. Its diameter was of 158 cm. It was baked in a bakery Fijavž in Šempeter in Savinja walley, the main master was Andrej Voh.

The giant cake was officially measured and reported for entry in the Guinness Book of Records: it was in the owen for 4 hours, and could be stretched to almost 5 metres long cake. What were the ingridients spent?

10 kg of fine flour and 3 kg crisp flour
10 kg of nuts
70 eggs
9 liters of milk
3 kg of butter
3 kg of sugar
4 kg of dried grape berries and
400 grams of yeast.

Official measurements for the Guinness Book of World Records was held at the evening event – Festival of cakes in Prebold, 22 March 2013. The event was visited by famous Slovenian ethnologist Dr. Janez Bogataj, who is preparing a monograph on potica cakes.

On open call, who in Slovenia could make a large model for giant cake, responded Slovenian Society of Ceramicists and Potters and Pottery of Dobovšek Sebastian and Tatjana, who finaly made a giant model named St. Barbara’s model.

The model manufacturing was not an easy task, either. Technological solutions have come up with an experienced potter Bostjan Dobovšek and Technologist Association Blaz Konc. Seven members of the Association on Saturday, 16 February 2013, gathered in Boštjan’s workshop in Žalna, where they worked diligently throughout the day. They spend 230 hours of work for modelling and burning clay, which was then cared for drying. They have made 34 kg heavy model with the extent of over 490 cm. At the event on 15 March 2013 in Grosuplje the unique model was given to the President of Association of Rural Women from Prebold, Ms Danica Uplaznik.

For the tenth Festival of potica cakes can be said that it is the traditional event, organized by the Association of Rural Women from Prebold on Friday and Saturday before Palm Sunday. Functioning of society and ideas that attracts both competitors and visitors from near and far surroundings, is the great merit of Danica Uplaznik, the President of the Society, who is assisted by the Municipality Prebold. In the expanded competition in Savinja Valley 66 contestants contributed cakes and pastries. In 2013 competition a Professional Commission awarded 33 gold, 12 silver and 12 bronze medals.

Traditional Slovenian 'potyzza' cake, baked for the Easter

Traditional Slovenian ‘potyzza’ cake, baked for the Easter

Normal potica cake from the picture above can be compared to the giant potica, prepared by  Andrej Voh and his bakery team. Potica is a traditional cake for today’s Slovenian territoy. In the round form it is prepared for the Easter, since it symbolizes a Christ’s crown.

Bacon, eggs, bread and horseradish for typical Easter's meal in Slovenia

Bacon, eggs, bread and horseradish for typical Easter’s meal in Slovenia

Potica, Slovenian cake with nuts and dried grape berries

Potica, Slovenian cake with nuts and dried grape berries

Cakes and other traditional food from photos in this post were prepared by Branka Blas, the mistress of homestead Stegenšek (Loka pri Zidanem mostu, Slovenia).


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