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Searching for Slovenian roots – Bill 2

How to read birth and other records in Parish books? While my American friend Bill was not so enthusiastic about my discovery, where exactly his great grandfather Andrew – Andrej Praznik was born and his ancestors originate from, I was very satisfied with results. Before my first visit of archive in Ljubljana I managed to […]

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Searching for Slovenian roots – Bill 1

How to locate a birthplace in time and space? In Slovenia, the primary sources of genealogical information can be obtained from the civil and ecclesiastical archives, where these are largely still available in the form of original books or their duplicates. Older records in books are written in Latin, later in Italian (for the west […]

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Searching for Slovenian roots – Bill

During Christmas holiday season a genealogist in me usually has more chance to be proactive in this passionate activity, spending more time on genealogy sites/forums and  digging from databases. Two years ago I found some desperate letters, sent from Bill Proznik to an US forum with very few replies. He was searching for any information […]

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