Slovenian Genealogy Research

Slovenia is a young country by global standards, having been independent since 1991. The decision on a completely independent country was confirmed at a plebiscite in December 1990. And in 2004 Slovenia joined the European Union. First independent 20 years of the Republic of Slovenia have already become a history. But there is much more to discover about the history of Slovenians, who settled in this part of central Europe in 6th century. The scope of this topic is to bring forward ascertainment of history and national heritage: less about individuals and more about the nation. Welcome those Slovenes around the world and all others, interested in this piece of Europe. Genealogists are gathered to:

– Slovenian Genealogy portal, Slovenian Genealogy Society home page and related links of Slovenian Genealogy Society (in Slovenian language)

– Glossary of Slovenian Surnames and Slovenian Genealogical Index of family names, first names, dates and places of birth

– Slovenian Genealogical Gazetter (subscription, slovensko)

– Forum about genealogy and some other Slovenian Genealogy links

– Slovenian Genealogy Society International

Ascertainment of history & heritage from Slovenia in global perspective…

Triglav tower of Jakob Aljaž

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