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Searching for Slovenian roots – Bill 4

Spelling variations of Slovenian names in United States records Slovenian langugae uses special characters (č, š, ž / Č, Š, Ž), which are sometimes difficult to be used or spelled in English or other foreign language, like German (remember: Slovenian matriculas from 18/19 centuries are written in German). Sometimes characters are simply written as “c, […]

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Searching for Slovenian roots – Bill 2

How to read birth and other records in Parish books? While my American friend Bill was not so enthusiastic about my discovery, where exactly his great grandfather Andrew – Andrej Praznik was born and his ancestors originate from, I was very satisfied with results. Before my first visit of archive in Ljubljana I managed to […]

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Searching for Slovenian roots – Bill

During Christmas holiday season a genealogist in me usually has more chance to be proactive in this passionate activity, spending more time on genealogy sites/forums and  digging from databases. Two years ago I found some desperate letters, sent from Bill Proznik to an US forum with very few replies. He was searching for any information […]

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