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Searching for Slovenian roots – Bill 4

Spelling variations of Slovenian names in United States records Slovenian langugae uses special characters (č, š, ž / Č, Š, Ž), which are sometimes difficult to be used or spelled in English or other foreign language, like German (remember: Slovenian matriculas from 18/19 centuries are written in German). Sometimes characters are simply written as “c, […]

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Searching for Slovenian roots – Bill 2

How to read birth and other records in Parish books? While my American friend Bill was not so enthusiastic about my discovery, where exactly his great grandfather Andrew – Andrej Praznik was born and his ancestors originate from, I was very satisfied with results. Before my first visit of archive in Ljubljana I managed to […]

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European Heritage Days in Slovenia – 100 years in benefit of heritage

See on – Slovenian Genealogy Research In 1991 Slovenia was along with several other European countries initiating events European Heritage Days – a joint project of the Council of Europe and the European Commission. Knapco‘s insight: European Heritage Days are very popular in all the EU Member States of the European Cultural Convention of […]

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Slovenian Archive: ARS database

The Archive of the Republic of Slovenia has enabled online queries: simple full text search, field search, archive plan or descriptor search for different fields of documentary stock. Genealogy researchers are usually interested in history of land cadastral units on the territory of Slovenia. For example: a stock for Štajerska region in the period 1784-1790 (SI AS 1110 […]

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